Who We Are

The Tunisian Business Council (“TBC”) in Dubai and Northern Emirates in a non-for-profit organization operating under the structure of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”).

TBC aspires to be the consolidated voice of the Tunisian business community through following high standards of ethics, integrity and service to facilitate bilateral business ties, economic development and sharing of knowledge between Tunisia and the UAE.

The combination of our active professional and social events calendar combined with our variety of marketing platforms creates a vibrant networking forum to facilitate business opportunities.

The creation of TBC as a single business organisation dedicated and committed to promoting business and trade between the two countries highlights the growing importance of the economic aspect in the overall relationship between Tunisia and the UAE.

The TBC follows the highest level of governance system and procedures to ensure we are in full compliance with the local UAE regulations as well as promising our members a high level of transparency and ethical practices.

By-Laws of the TBC in Dubai and North Emirates


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